We see Church as an expression of the heart of God, a place where all are welcome, where the lost are found, the broken made whole and the sick made well.

We see Church as a place where people excel in every area of life, where biblical principles empower, enable, and release them to walk in the potential, restoration, healing and gifts God has placed on their lives.

We see Church as partners with God in reaching a broken, hurting and lost world with a message of hope and healing, where value is placed on all humanity, a church that is inclusive and not exclusive, where lives flourish and eternity’s are changed.

We see a Church where the selflessness of Jesus is reflected in the lives of all who serve him, a place where the servant heart of Jesus is revealed practically as we serve one another and as we reach out to the lost, broken and hurting in our community.

We see a Church that is relevant to its culture and generation, a Church that is contemporary, dynamic, confident and full of life, a place of empowerment, freedom, acceptance, joy and love. A place of passionate worship in music, song and lifestyle.

We see a Church that exists to champion the cause of Christ and His Kingdom, a Church of influence that reflects heaven on earth, a place where excellence honours God and inspires people, where people literally excel in every area of life ….. a Church that is an awesome place to be.