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Peace for the Troubled Heart

Could any reading this today be described as having a troubled heart? If not personally - how about your friends, neighbours and

Peace for the Troubled Heart2017-06-14T19:41:35+00:00

The Book of Life [4]

In Matthew chapter 7 Jesus is recorded as saying - "You can enter God's Kingdom only through the narrow gate. The highway

The Book of Life [4]2017-06-14T19:41:36+00:00

Dealing With Disappointment [2]

Today many people are struggling with disappointment. Interestingly most, if not all, of the heroes of the Bible were people who faced

Dealing With Disappointment [2]2017-06-14T19:41:37+00:00

Fathers Day [Podcast]

Fathers Day, for many people, is a day of mixed emotions. Some remember a father who is no longer alive or a

Fathers Day [Podcast]2017-06-14T19:41:39+00:00

Four [Podcast]

In our digital age of social connectivity research seems to show that real relationships are becoming rarer than ever - despite many

Four [Podcast]2017-06-14T19:41:40+00:00

Dealing With Disappointment

I wonder how many people reading this are dealing with disappointment? If not today – how about over the last six months

Dealing With Disappointment2017-06-14T19:41:41+00:00

The Book of Life [3]

The Book of Life spoken about by Jesus and the Apostle John - presuppose that all are not included in it -

The Book of Life [3]2017-06-14T19:41:45+00:00

Central Things [Podcast]

Every so often as Christian we have to refocus – or re-centre ourselves on the things that really matter. Iain said last

Central Things [Podcast]2017-06-14T19:41:47+00:00

The Bread of Life [Podcast]

To smell the aroma of freshly baked bread is very enticing. Yet to savour the aroma but never eat the bread will

The Bread of Life [Podcast]2017-06-14T19:41:48+00:00

The Book Of Life [2] [Podcast]

On one occasion Jesus early disciple were amazed at the power they found in his name as they witnessed many miracles of

The Book Of Life [2] [Podcast]2017-06-14T19:41:50+00:00
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